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“Next World”

~ Esther Mitchell, 2012~

Crying into the void,

Mute to the world,

Invisible to all eyes,

Until existence is in question.

Words, unspoken, unread,

A life left broken,

Hurts and joys alike left unsaid,

Until hope itself lies battered, wasted.

A life seen only in service,

An existence judged on others’ demands,

No compassion, no honor, no assistance,

Nothing given, only taken, leaving a shell.

Support is an illusion,

Left to crumble, brick by brick,

Until the House of Hope lies in ruin,

And on to the next world a battered soul’s crept.


“For Granted”

~ Esther Mitchell, 2012 ~

You’ll never even notice,

Until I’m long gone,

What I am to you,

What I do for you,

Who I could have been.

While I’m here,

You’ll look right through me,

Assume I’ll always do just as you wish,

A genie at your beck and call,

I’m not human to you – not at all.

You’ll expect things to be done,

Without you moving a muscle,

Assume the world will always run,

As smoothly as I make it now.

But someday I’ll be gone,

And it might be very soon.

Will you wonder where I went?

Or will you hate me,

Because I’m not there to shoulder your load?

“Hold Me”

~ Esther Mitchell, 1993 ~

When darkness lingers,

when this sunlight fades,

Will love grow cold,

will heart meet blade?

Just hold me close,

and hold me tight,

That I might hide myself,

in you tonight.

When thunder rolls,

and lightning strikes,

will the pain go on,

with no end in sight?

Just hold me tighter,

hold me dear,

while this candle flickers,

and the storms draw near.

When this is all past,

and the morning’s light comes,

Will there be nothing left,

where we’ve come from?

So hold me now,

while you still can,

Let me hold you now,

in my heart, and these hands.

“Sky of Fire”

~Esther Mitchell, 1994~

Secrets sheltered in my heart,

Two lives, one existence, torn apart,

A purpose so good,

A heart so often misunderstood.

Secrets whispered in darkened corners,

A truth kept away from those who meant it harm,

A love held so pure and true,

Because its depth was one only we ever knew.

One day in the light of the sun,

A truth we would soon no longer hide,

‘Til Destiny’s hand drew another Fate,

A rise, a fall, one moment too late.

Now, fire paints my sky,

And I can’t even let them see me cry,

A love the world never knew,

A tragedy played out that day in the fire-streaked blue.


~Esther Mitchell, 2003 ~


I know the faces of monsters,

That do not come creeping in the night,

Out of closets, from under beds,

With no purpose but to fright.

I know the faces of monsters,

That don’t hide from light of day,

They don’t creep, but they are cowards,

Who rip, and bleed, and prey.

I know the faces of monsters,

And they are also faces of men,

And boys who will never be men,

And with brutal torment,

Come at me again, and again, and again.

Monsters aren’t birthed from nightmares,

Nightmares are birthed from them,

To cling, like fingers wrapped around the throat,

Not letting screams out,

Not letting breath in.

Yes, monsters are very much real,

And every child knows this,

But some monsters are more real than others,

Some monsters, you can’t close your eyes tight,

And wish away into the night,


Not all monsters live in darkness,

Not all monsters are afraid of the light.

“Red Roses”

~ Esther Mitchell, 1994 ~

Six lonely red roses,

and so many word left unsaid,

as I stand here alone,

and watch the sky turn gray.

There seemed so little time,

and so much left unsaid,

sitting there alone,

inside my pounding head.

I had so much to say,

that meant more to me than life,

and I thought I’d have the time,

even in this world of strife.

Miracles, they say,

are alive in all tears cried,

but today, all I can say,

is that my miracle has died.

Six lonely red roses,

that’s all I have of you,

six blood-red roses,

and a picture of you.



~ 2013 Esther Mitchell ~


You can’t see me,

But I’m right here.


You can’t hear me,

No matter how hard I scream.


You can’t accept me,

Not as I am.


You can’t love me,

No matter how much I bleed.


I’ve told myself to stop trying,

I’ve told myself I shouldn’t care,

I look in the mirror and see how I’ve hurt myself,

And yet, I can’t seem to stop giving, stop caring, stop bleeding.


I’m raw from the inside,

From the deepest soul out,

And still it does nothing,

To make me more than a ghost.


A figment of dreams,

A filament of distant memory,

A sometimes thought,

A whisper of familiarity,

Those are my lot in life,

And when I’m gone forever,

I won’t be even that much,



And gone with the pass of the breeze.


You can’t see me,

I’m already a ghost.


You can’t hear me,

I’m already gone.


You can’t love me,

Without admitting what I’ve known all along.