“Defend Me”

~Esther Mitchell, 2010~

Would you defend me,

If I came to you and begged?

Would you shelter me,

If I showed you the tears in my soul?

Would you care,

If I showed you my heart,

or shine a light,

through the shadows of fear in my mind?

Would you defend me?

Would you protect me,

If you knew how vulnerable I truly am?

Would you understand me,

If I opened up my deepest secrets to you?

Would you listen,

if I whispered in the darkness,

Could you show a scrap of kindness,

or try to understand the monster that howls at my door?

Would you defend me?

Or would you just turn away,

and pretend I don’t exist?

Would you ridicule and revile me,

treat me to your terrible, unforgiving silence?

What do I have to bleed away,

what part of the truth must die,

before you’ll even see me,

Before you’ll consider me worthy,

and finally raise up in my defense?


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