“Glass Castles” ( 9/11 Tribute)

~Esther Mitchell, 2001~

Glass castles in concrete realms,
no compassion fills these towered spaces,
A people trapped in daily hassles,
with hearts hidden behind stone and silent faces.

The sky rips with fire,
and the ground runs with blood,
As these castles crumble in their sandy pyre,
and Hate is released in a flood.

No poison is more deadly than fear,
No courage more enduring than love,
But vengeful are the unshed tears,
and they drown out all thought of love.

Raised are armies once divided,
to a common cause,
Still the ghosts of pasts unlearned cry out,
in one last hope of bringing pause.

No victory bears more bitter blood,
than that won in a Fury’s vengeful wrath,
And no peace is ever more littered,
with ghosts crying the woes of this terrible path.

Far better to be still,
and accept the lessons, and withstand the test,
For vengeance weeps bloody tears,
on those, in glass castles, laid to rest.

Poet’s Note:  It’s been years since 9/11… I would have hoped by now that the lessons of that day would have been learned, and it continues to sadden me when I see the complete disregard for the lessons of that day, the total willingness to disregard that arrogance and hate are the deadliest of human emotions.

This is a poem I wrote 9/11/2001, trying to explain the feelings and visions that wouldn’t let me rest, that terrible day.  I call it “Glass Castles”

USA Flag by nixxphotography

Image by nixxphotography


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