“Beneath the Shell”

~Esther Mitchell, 2013~

If I died today,

who would cry for me?

If I disappeared,

who would notice I was gone?

Who’s left to rescue me,

from a past not dead and gone,

and drive away the demons,

who stalk me in the night,

alone with cold echoes of hollow regret?

If I was stolen away,

who would fight to find me, bring me back?

If I tore open my deepest heart and leapt,

who would be waiting to catch me?

Who’s left to stand beside me,

shoulder-to-shoulder against the uncompromising world,

with love and faith in me,

no matter the obstacles or odds?

I fear most of all,

the failing may be mine.

I fear that being able to love humanity,

is not the same as trusting another’s love again.

I fear most of all the opening of my inner self, my heart and soul,

of trusting another to accept me as I am, despite my many scars and flaws.


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