“Blessed Starlight”

~Esther Mitchell, 2013~

I’ve seen what lurks beneath,

Far below the civilized veneer.

I’ve seen demons disguised as men,

The steady drip of poison clad as medicine.

I’ve heard the whispers in the night,

When the darkness thinks no one can hear.

I’ve heard the Siren’s call of madness,

When it pulls my soul toward oblivion’s false promise.

Within the darkness in my mind,

Flickers a candle’s flame,

Telling me it will be all right,

Urging me to live again.

Within the deepest chasm of my night,

Comes the flutter of softest wings,

Wrapping ‘round me, holding tight,

Whispering reminders of love that’s been.

It’s within the night my wars are waged,

My demons pulling at my soul,

While blessed Starlight holds me close,

And in the depths of all I fear,

I find the strength to cling to what I hold dear,

The hope of morning’s light,

The edge of darkness pushed aside, at least for a while.


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