“Hidden By Night”

~Esther Mitchell, 2001~

I wake up screaming,

In the dark of night,

I reach for you,

Touch sheets cold and still,

And know my nightmares are all true.

I awake to thunder,

A roar and a flash,

And I’m there once again,

alone, staring at a flaming sky,

unable to make sense,

of what my eyes tell me is true,

but my mind doesn’t want to hear,

while my heart just screams and screams,

forever to be haunted by those echoes.

There’s a sound, like water drops,

And panic seizes my chest,

Traps the air within my throat,

And once again I’m drowning in air,

The slosh and steady drip of terror,

Closing all around me.

The blackness hovers around me, now,

The fears you drove away with your smile,

Your touch, your loving heart.

The pain you once silenced returns to me,

Made more real by your absence,

It kills me to know you’re beyond my reach,

No hope to go back, no second chances.

Red, orange, and yellow explode in my sky,

Descending into the blackness of oblivion,

And I perch on the edge of madness,

Salt and heartache all that remains,

As I wait for dawn to remove these shadows,

And I once again hide my broken, scarred heart away.


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