“Shadow Places”

~Esther Mitchell, 2011 ~

There is no darkness in the shadow where I sit,

There is no light to the sky I soar.

The world opens before me,

Rapturous in color, rich in unseen and adored.

Harmony calls the Fanfare,

Of those gone long ago.

And bittersweet is the longing,

Of those whose time is yet to be.

I fear not the Shadow Places,

The space between the night and dawn.

The misty veils have lifted,

And Heaven and Hell revealed as One.

You make your bedrock,

Of sand that shifts away.

Divinity pushed ever outward,

Value stolen in the light of day.

I set my soul free in the Fire,

To which you think me condemned.

Here, upon this sacred pyre,

My past, my wrongs, can I softly mend.


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