“Through the Sky”

~Esther Mitchell, 1996~

I stretched my arms out to the heavens,
Fell backward through the sky.
I meant to drop through eternity,
But instead I fell into your eyes.

Time became my precious keepsake,
My heart unwound with each beat,
As you sheltered me within your love,
And for the first time, my eternity was complete.

We danced a tune outside of time,
Against the flow, rebels within the stream,
Our love a poem born of its own rhyme,
Air I thought I would forever breathe.

But fragile is the blown glass heart,
As it tumbles through open space,
To land, shattered, the pieces flung apart,
As an eagle screams into the sun.

Now, I stretch my arms out to the heavens,
And fall backward through the sky,
And pray you’re still there to catch me,
A whispered breath, to brush away the tears I cry.



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