~ 2013 Esther Mitchell ~


You can’t see me,

But I’m right here.


You can’t hear me,

No matter how hard I scream.


You can’t accept me,

Not as I am.


You can’t love me,

No matter how much I bleed.


I’ve told myself to stop trying,

I’ve told myself I shouldn’t care,

I look in the mirror and see how I’ve hurt myself,

And yet, I can’t seem to stop giving, stop caring, stop bleeding.


I’m raw from the inside,

From the deepest soul out,

And still it does nothing,

To make me more than a ghost.


A figment of dreams,

A filament of distant memory,

A sometimes thought,

A whisper of familiarity,

Those are my lot in life,

And when I’m gone forever,

I won’t be even that much,



And gone with the pass of the breeze.


You can’t see me,

I’m already a ghost.


You can’t hear me,

I’m already gone.


You can’t love me,

Without admitting what I’ve known all along.



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