“With Love”

~Esther Mitchell, 1994~

I fell in love with you,

When you were my best friend,

My partner in a game,

I thought would never end.

You saved me from myself,

From the pain and suffering within,

And traded tears for joy,

Gave me strength to stand again.

You held me close to you,

And whispered how precious I was,

You made me believe again,

That I was worthy to be loved.

You opened up the universe to me,

Let me see the world with brand new eyes,

Let me wrap myself in your truth,

‘Til it melted away life’s bitterness and lies.

I never thought I’d feel such peace,

As the day you came into my life,

And I never knew I’d feel such pain,

As the day it was all taken away again.

Now as I cry myself to sleep,

I’ll think of you once more,

And know that no matter the veil between us now,

In your heart, I’ll always be adored.


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