“The Maddening”

~Esther Mitchell, 1992 ~

A slight of hand,

Slips away all wealth,

A single demand,

Could end all health,

A blade drawn, flashing,

Leaves the brave all fallen,

A doe seen dashing,

The sign of the Callen.

Yet the tides are turned,

To Sylphus’ taunting,

And eternity is burned,

By the Salamandars’ daunting,

For all that is Titania’s nature,

Has been cast aside for Mars’ vast malice,

And all that once held rank and stature,

Lies dead upon the steps of Jupiter’s palace.

This eclipse of the Moon is at end,

For Luna has ended Her fight,

And the Queen of Heaven ascends,

Into the eternal darkness of the night.

The revel is ended,

And the maddening, now begun,

For the King lies dead, untended,

Upon the Jester, his crown and sceptre, hung.


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