“Empty Shell”

~ Esther Mitchell, 1989 ~

A solemn court,

a masterless place,

a deserted fort,

is this barren face;

Fate’s cold hand,

once so gentle and warm,

now steals Life’s sand,

and cools passion’s charm;

This once-fertile heart made barren,

by the basest of unholy wants,

with hope suffocated, fear instead of daring,

an empty shell, unaware of the love life flaunts;

By violence bound and gagged,

a despairing captive of the living,

a soul tattered, a banner now ragged,

a body taken, with never a thought of giving;

This terrified desire,

for something other than power’s lust,

something more elusive than dark memory’s fire,

where the heart’s need for precious love becomes a must.


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