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~Esther Mitchell, 2013~

Would it be so hard to see me,

For more than what I can do for you?

I’d like to be visible,

For me and myself alone.

Yes, I’d like for you to see me,

My hopes and dreams and fears;

I’d like to be remembered,

For more than just what I’ve done over the years.

More than anything,

I’ve only ever cried,

To be loved and honored,

For who I am inside.

Love me for my heart,

That fragile, steel-caged thing,

Which beats with trembling hope,

That someday, it might again sing.

Love me for my spirit,

My indomitable will,

Embrace me for my differences,

My thoughts, and all I feel.

Accept that I might stumble,

Understand that I may fall,

Don’t place me on a pedestal,

Or back me against a wall.

There’s a lot to me that you don’t know,

A lot more that you will never see,

Unless you have the open heart,

To love me for only me.


“No Fear”

~Esther Mitchell, 2012~

I know no fear of the night.

On stealthy feet,

I find my way through every darkness,

With eyes that see more than mere light,

I embrace the starlight as joyfully as the dawn.

I know no fear of the unknown.

Without hesitance,

I follow where the tracks lead,

The hunt leads me onward,

and Truth, Honor, and Compassion keep me from harm.

I know no fear of my own Truth.

With confidence,

I follow my own paths forward,

With joyful abandon,

I hear the whispers of promise that dance ahead.

I have no cause to fear,

For the spirit of Wolf walks with me,

And the beating of wings stir above me.

There is nothing of this world,

That can take from me what is of the Other,

And no matter the trial, on this Path I will walk free and unafraid.

Wolves 06

“Clear Skies”

~Esther Mitchell, 2013~

I still miss you,
When I look up at the sky.
I lose my breath,
When the fire blinds my eyes.
I hear the scream of Thunderbird,
And it shakes me to the core.
Without you, half my soul is gone,
Without you, my heart bleeds out a little more each day.
I don’t know if I’ll ever breathe again,
The breath your love gave me,
But, though I’ll always love and miss you,
To the sky I can only whisper,
“Clear skies, my beloved.
Always clear skies to wing you home.”