~Esther Mitchell, 2013~

Would it be so hard to see me,

For more than what I can do for you?

I’d like to be visible,

For me and myself alone.

Yes, I’d like for you to see me,

My hopes and dreams and fears;

I’d like to be remembered,

For more than just what I’ve done over the years.

More than anything,

I’ve only ever cried,

To be loved and honored,

For who I am inside.

Love me for my heart,

That fragile, steel-caged thing,

Which beats with trembling hope,

That someday, it might again sing.

Love me for my spirit,

My indomitable will,

Embrace me for my differences,

My thoughts, and all I feel.

Accept that I might stumble,

Understand that I may fall,

Don’t place me on a pedestal,

Or back me against a wall.

There’s a lot to me that you don’t know,

A lot more that you will never see,

Unless you have the open heart,

To love me for only me.


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