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“Cain’s Legacy”

In honor of Memorial Day, and the men and women who serve and who have given their lives to the cause of freedom and honor, no matter their nationality, I wanted to share this poem.

“Cain’s Legacy”

~Esther Mitchell, 1997~


Turned wretched are the brave,

And dead are the unbroken,

For the legacy Cain gave,

Was but a bloody token.

The sky churns with filthy smoke,

And sickened is the Son of Hate,

As, on warfare’s thickness, life chokes,

And the Son of Love, silenced mid-spate.

 Water burns my eyes,

My heart falls, with mortal wounds, in grief,

To see courage and honor shattered by lies,

Upon an iron-wrought reef.

No nature can I find near me,

That is not to be despised,

For what Nature was to be,

Was swallowed as the ships capsized.

 This is the legacy Cain bought,

And one he would never claim,

For the vengeance Cain sought,

Gave birth to war’s bloody stain.



~Esther Mitchell, 2013~


I am the daughter of my mothers,

Stretching backward through all time,

The Maiden, the Mother, the Crone,

Each in turn a piece of who I have become;


I am the daughter of my mothers,

The Earth, the Sky, the Sea,

Born of holy Fire,

My spirit, from eternity, set free.


I am a child of the Wheel,

A creation of Destiny, of Fate.


I am the daughter of my mothers,

The Harlot, the Priestess, the Amazon,

I know where my soul belongs,

My heart, my center, my friend.


I am the daughter of my mothers,

And to their teachings I turn,

To be true to myself, to all that I am,

Is the greatest lesson I’ve ever learned.

“I Stood…”

“I Stood…” (Tribute to the Statue of Liberty)

~Esther Mitchell, 2010 ~


I stood in the waters and wept.

The pain and tears they would not show,

became my own as they gazed upon me,

and their hopes and dreams lifted in my flame’s glow;


I stood in the harbor and wept.

Caught between the horror on the Pacific,

And the terror across the ocean before me,

and knew my sons could not long linger, static;


I stood in the tides and wept.

I felt the ground trembled on nearby shores,

felt the shudder of the air around me,

and knew my children never needed my light more;


I stand in the harbor and weep.

My arms shackled by bigotry and hate,

my words obliterated by greed and fear,

as the light of liberty is dimmed, and for some, comes far too late.