“I Stood…”

“I Stood…” (Tribute to the Statue of Liberty)

~Esther Mitchell, 2010 ~


I stood in the waters and wept.

The pain and tears they would not show,

became my own as they gazed upon me,

and their hopes and dreams lifted in my flame’s glow;


I stood in the harbor and wept.

Caught between the horror on the Pacific,

And the terror across the ocean before me,

and knew my sons could not long linger, static;


I stood in the tides and wept.

I felt the ground trembled on nearby shores,

felt the shudder of the air around me,

and knew my children never needed my light more;


I stand in the harbor and weep.

My arms shackled by bigotry and hate,

my words obliterated by greed and fear,

as the light of liberty is dimmed, and for some, comes far too late.


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