“Cain’s Legacy”

In honor of Memorial Day, and the men and women who serve and who have given their lives to the cause of freedom and honor, no matter their nationality, I wanted to share this poem.

“Cain’s Legacy”

~Esther Mitchell, 1997~


Turned wretched are the brave,

And dead are the unbroken,

For the legacy Cain gave,

Was but a bloody token.

The sky churns with filthy smoke,

And sickened is the Son of Hate,

As, on warfare’s thickness, life chokes,

And the Son of Love, silenced mid-spate.

 Water burns my eyes,

My heart falls, with mortal wounds, in grief,

To see courage and honor shattered by lies,

Upon an iron-wrought reef.

No nature can I find near me,

That is not to be despised,

For what Nature was to be,

Was swallowed as the ships capsized.

 This is the legacy Cain bought,

And one he would never claim,

For the vengeance Cain sought,

Gave birth to war’s bloody stain.


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