~ Esther Mitchell, 2012~

 I’ve had enough,
Of hiding in shadows,
Of burying the truth,
And boarding over the windows.

I’m tired of living like this,
Always looking over my shoulder,
Always wondering,
Always waiting for the storm to erupt.

I can’t bear the weight any longer,
The burden of unreasonable expectation,
The blame of all that remains imperfect,
The pressure of it crushes what little remains of my spirit.

My throat weakens,
With every silent scream;
My heart rends,
With every unvoiced cry;
I come apart at the seams,
And want only to die.

My faith in love is my salvation,
For it guides me back to my home;
The warmth, the touch, the presence,
Of what most cannot understand.

No longer will I be silent,
When you’ve sheathed your daggers in my heart;
No longer will I hide the truth,
This is where I draw my line, this is where I start.



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