“In Team”

~Esther Mitchell, 2014~

They say “There’s no I in team,”
As if that’s supposed to make it all right,
When they use you and spit you out,
A cog in a greed-driven machine of the 1%,
Who make their fortunes on the backs of the “team,”
Who are barely paying the rent.
They say “be a team player,”
As if you’re not already giving your all,
As if you don’t pour half your life,
The best and brightest years you have,
Into a job that tears your apart, body and soul,
Leaves you chewed up, spit out, and flushed down the drain,
All for a pittance that barely gets you by,
While the fat cats lounge in their ivory towers,
Doing nothing but collecting the sweat of your brow,
The metal of your blood,
The price of your soul.
No, there’s no “I” in “team,”
But then, there’s no “team” in “job,”
No “leader” in “teamwork,”
No “slave” in “career.”
Quit spouting worthless pep talks,
When you’ve not once put yourself in the trenches,
When you don’t provide a living wage, a caring benefit,
For the effort you demand,
Until you actually work,
For the exact same amount most do,
Don’t expect anyone to feel “part of the team,”
Or have any loyalty at all.


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