“They Said”

~Esther Mitchell, 2014~

They said I was crazy,
When I said the sky was falling,
Then it came crashing down,
And they asked why no one saw that coming.
They said I must be stupid,
Because I had no interest in their games,
I could prove them all wrong in one flutter of a page,
But I still have no interest in these petty games of power.
They said I was too ugly,
Not to bother dressing up the clown,
Until the mirror cracked apart,
And my smile turned upside-down.
They told me I was unworthy,
With every word they said,
And the absolute worst betrayal,
Is that those are the words still bouncing around in my head.


One response to ““They Said”

  1. I always say if we allow others to infect us with their criticism, we are giving our power away to those who deserve it least. Beautiful poem.

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