“Have You Seen Me?”

~Esther Mitchell, 1989~

I’m not the friend regularly seen,
It’s possible you’ve looked straight through me;

I rarely get invited to parties or balls,
Most times, I don’t hear from anyone at all;

I show up early, I’ll even stay late,
Just because I don’t want anyone to wait;

I’m often shunned, ridiculed, or ignored,
I can’t recall ever being adored;

A pariah, an outcast, Changeling, and “weird,”
These are all names which, in my brain, are seared;

But, though the barbs of silence sting,
I know I can rely on better things;

A world that exists beyond what most people know,
A place where I’m loved, and where I am safe to grow.

Photo courtesy Victor Habbick

Photo courtesy Victor Habbick


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