“Against the Tide”

~Esther Mitchell, 2011~

You laugh at the jokes,
You pass them around,
You make comments,
That run others into the ground.

You ridicule as choices,
Things they had no choice about,
You fill their world with hateful thoughts,
And words that make them, about life, doubt.

You take away their freedom,
Before it’s even given,
And tell them that they’re wrong or evil,
For the way that they see living.

But what if he was your son?
What if she was your daughter?
Would you stand by,
While your own child’s soul was slaughtered?

The only way to fight the hate,
Is to take a look inside,
And with each day, every person,
Change ourselves, to change the tide.

Before you speak,
Before you harm,
Ask yourself,
If against your own child, your own self, you’ve raised the alarm.

Pride Rainbow


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