~Esther Mitchell, 2011~

I feel the stares of disdain,

The sneers and whispers you think so hidden,

Because you’ve never experienced my pain,

Or tried to understand my fear.

I’m barred from normal life,

And you’ve walled me from inclusion,

You’ve wounded me with your comments,

And forced me into despairing seclusion.

I have no choice in this pain I suffer,

I never got to decide,

It arrived with me in this world, this life,

And it’s eating me from the inside.

You might not like the inconvenience,

But it’s ten times worse for me,

For what you see as a nuisance,

Is steadily killing me.

So try a little compassion,

And quit burying your head in the sand,

Because I’m not the only ill person,

Whose presence you’ll ever have to withstand.

Purple Ribbon


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