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Welcome to My World (in Poetry)

Few people know this, but I’ve always had a Goth/Steampunk leaning… Both the darkness and the romance.  It makes for a difficult life, for me.  Even fewer people know that, throughout the years, the only way I’ve been able to totally express what I’m feeling inside is through poetry.  I’ve been writing poetry for as long as I’ve been able to write.  Sometimes, it’s bright and optimistic, tinged with my natural optimism toward life.  But sometimes, it’s dark, pulled from my tormented memories and trauma.  Sometimes it’s twisted and confusing… But it’s all me, to the core.


In recent years, I’ve been struggling to come to grips with early childhood trauma and PTSD.  It’s inspired a great deal of the darker poetry, as I’ve tried to understand myself, my place in this life, and the people around me who have a hand in the personal difficulties.  In my effort to face my demons, I’m compelled to share my thoughts, feelings, and poetry with the world, so that I’m no longer silent, no longer allowed to linger in the shadows.


A lot of times, these will be dark… Sometimes, they’ll even be angry.  Just remember that, whatever else they are, these are a piece of my soul…